Replacing a garage door, as with any home remodel project, is an investment. Perhaps you’ve decided to replace your garage door for practical reasons such as noise, security, and energy efficiency. However, a new garage door can offer another benefit — improving your home’s facade. It can significantly increase the curb appeal, and resale value, of your home.

As you go about choosing your new garage door, keep in mind elements of style, so it enhances your house’s exterior.

Enhance The Style

Many houses have a set style, such as farmhouse, Victorian, modern or ranch. Your choice in a garage door can help enhance that style.

For instance, modern design is characterized by obvious geometry. You could choose a garage door made out of modern materials, such as glass and metal, in a geometric style. For instance, imagine a garage door essentially constructed of glass panes stacked on top of each other. It will make your house’s facade look ultra-mod.

Conversely, Victorian, Cape Cod, Georgian and other regional homes tend to be more traditional. A wooden door with small glass panes and trimmed panels will probably better complement one of these façades.

Farmhouse and ranch styles are also traditional but a little more rustic. Craftsman-style doors typically complement these façades because they offer a homey appeal.

Add Visual Interest

A new garage door can also add visual interest to your house’s exterior beyond enhancing the style. It is especially true if you choose a customized door. For example, Better Homes and Gardensdescribes a door customized with wrought iron handles and a natural wood finish. The effect is striking in how it complements an otherwise plain exterior. In that vein, you could choose a faux barn door for a ranch or farmhouse home.

You could keep the effect more subtle while still adding visual interest by choosing a striking color. Shades of red are welcoming, while darker blues add a touch of sophistication. Shades of yellow or purple are very creative. Make sure the hue you choose complements the rest of your façade’s color palette, though.

Accent The Architecture

Shapes within the garage door should accent the rest of your house’s architecture. So, if your house has distinctive features, such as arches, you could choose arched garage doors to echo the shape.

Another way of using shape to accent the architecture is with your choice in glass panes. If you have windows with multiple panes of glass, you could have your garage door customized with glass panes in the same configuration, or at least a row with the same size of panes. Arched panes are another method of echoing curves in your house’s exterior.

The panels themselves can echo distinct shapes within the architecture. So, you could opt for rectangular panels that decrease the scale of nearby windows while maintaining the ratio. Another option is choosing stacked horizontal panels that echo brickwork in the facade.

Blend In

Depending on the layout of your home’s facade, garage doors can take up a lot of visual space, especially if it’s a multi-car garage. Therefore, you may want to go in the opposite direction from adding obvious visual interest with new garage doors. Instead, you may want them to recede into the background.

The main way to accomplish this is with your choice of color. Either choose a door in a neutral color, such as beige or taupe, or one in the same color as your house’s exterior. It’s still possible to have the door customized to accent architecture or match style. Just ensure the color itself is more subtle.

A new garage door can significantly impact the look of your house’s facade. Choose garage doors that enhance its curb appeal. Eudy Door Co. offers a range of prefabricated and custom garage doors to meet your needs.