Just this year, Google was forced to kill advertisements for a large, national garage door company. Why? Because it wasn’t a good company -and because it was pretending to be a local business. When searching for a garage door company, many people will find themselves inundated with large national chains. But not only is dealing with a local chain more affordable, it’s also often more reliable. Here are just a few reasons why dealing with a local company is best.


Local companies can provide better long-term customer care because they stand by their work. Not only will you be able to contact your local technician if you need them, but they’ll be able to remember your garage door system and the work that you’ve had done on it in the past. A national business may not need to be as conscientious about their local care — and they may not be as accessible for questions and concerns.


When you deal with a well-known, local company, you can avoid potential garage door scams. Local companies build a reputation within the community; it’s easy enough to ask for referrals and see recommendations. Not only may larger companies not have the representation that you need in your area, but they may be focused on upselling you with repairs and equipment that you don’t need. Because they aren’t focused on local customer retention, they want to make as much as they can from each transaction.


Because national companies can’t possibly maintain a presence in every single area, they often use contractors instead. These contractors may have variable rates of experience; some of them may be extremely accomplished professionals, while others may be newly trained. This lack of reliability and consistency of service can become an issue, as you may never know who you are going to get and what their quality of work will be.


Local businesses are shown to give back to the community more than twice as much as larger businesses. If you want to support your neighborhood, city, and even state, you likely want to keep your money local. Supporting local businesses is an excellent way to invest in your community, as they will ultimately spend more money locally and contribute to the local property and business taxes. Supporting local businesses also increases the amount of options available in terms of services and products.


But you can’t always tell whether a company is local immediately. As in the case of the “worst garage door company,” they can be a bit misleading with local numbers and local advertisements. Here’s how to tell whether the business is local:

  • Word of mouth. Ask your friends and family whether they’ve heard about this business in their area; chances are someone will have heard of a local business.
  • Addresses. A local business will have an actual brick-and-mortar location within your neighborhood. Be wary if the address is out of state or if they only have a PO box.
  • Zip codes. Many national chains will ask you for your zip code when you call in, as they need to locate your city and find a contractor to service your area.

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