A new garage door can drastically change the façade of your home. From a sleek, modern look to an old-fashioned charm, the right garage door can add to your home’s curb appeal.

However, if you need a new garage door installed, you may not realize how many different styles you can choose from. While you can design your garage door any way you want, most garage doors fall under three basic design categories. The following summary of these design categories will help you decide how you want your new garage door to look.

1. Traditional Garage Doors

When you think of garages, you probably envision a neutral-colored door with raised rectangular panels. While other styles exist, a raised-panel door is the design option most homeowners choose. If you prefer a more conservative look for your home, this traditional design is the way to go.

You can find traditional-style garage doors in a variety of materials, including wood, wood composite, aluminum, vinyl, and steel. Talk to your garage door installer about the best material for your home and local weather conditions.

To match the conservative theme of your house, have your door painted black, cream, beige, or another neutral color. If you want a conservative style with a modern flair, have your door painted a bright color such as red, yellow, green, or even pink.

2. Carriage Garage Doors

This style of garage door mimics the carriage doors of old, but rather than swinging outwards, you can choose to have it slide to the side or roll up like a traditional garage door. This gives your garage door both an old-fashioned look and modern convenience.

In keeping with the old-fashioned theme, your color choices for this type of door are more limited than they would be with a traditional garage door. However, you can still choose from white, off-white, black, and varying shades of brown.

Most carriage garage doors have a natural or faux wood overlay with layers of another material underneath, which means that you can still choose from a variety of materials for this door type.

Additional design features for carriage doors include windows along the top and decorative metal handles. These are optional, and you can add them or leave them off according to your preferences.

Again, your garage door installer can help you decide on the specifics of your carriage garage door.

3. Contemporary Garage Doors

If you want a contemporary look for your home, have your garage door mimic the aesthetics of the rest of your home. Contemporary styles favor horizontal lines, neutral colors, and lots of glass, and you can incorporate each of these design elements into your garage door.

Choose from aluminum, steel, or fiberglass for your contemporary garage door. Each of these materials has its pros and cons, so you’ll want to talk to your garage door specialist to make sure that the material you choose aligns with your aesthetic, lifespan, and financial goals.

Contemporary garage doors often have windows along the side, although you can also choose to have windows placed along the top. Or avoid having to decide where to place your windows by having the whole door made out of glass. Whatever you choose, glass on your garage door will add to the modern appeal of your home.

No matter which style you choose for your garage door, a professional garage door installer can make sure it operates smoothly and safely. Eudy Door Co. has over 40 years of experience installing garage doors, and we offer both pre-made and custom-designed doors. Contact us today for quality service and expert workmanship.