Custom garage doors are a unique way to improve the exterior aesthetic of homes and allow you to choose the materials used to build them, which can include anything from special to reclaimed woods. You also can choose from finer materials such as copper and glass. The options are only limited to your imagination. At Eudy Door Co. in Sacramento, we can take almost any material and work it into a design that will look stunning. The door is constructed carefully to ensure that it has a handcrafted quality and attention to detail that provides optimal durability and functionality without sacrificing the overall desired look.


Speaking of style, even the operation of the door can be customized despite its type. For example, a carriage door doesn’t have to swing open; it can be made to roll up like a standard model, so that it is much more convenient and fits in with today’s modern lifestyle and home design. Whatever your garage door ideas, they can be turned into a custom product. From distressed to antique looks, the style is carefully created to give you exactly what you had in mind.


If you are in the market for custom garage doors, contact Eudy Door Co. today. We offer handcrafted solutions and also specialize in garage door repair for those looking for a fix rather than a replacement. With over 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills that it takes to create the door of your dreams while also ensuring that it functions and keeps functioning properly. We serve the Sacramento area, including Fair Oaks, Folsom, Roseville and Elk Grove & Laguna.

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